Realistic Japanese Pussy & Ass

utensil-raceExtreme Hips ($399)
Amazingly realistic hips, ass, and pussy that allow you to truly feel the soft gorgeous shape of a beautiful Japanese girl. Let her ride your cock, go balls deep in the missionary position, or feel your balls slapping against her sweet teen butt cheeks as you fuck her from behind, or even pound away at her tight little asshole. This is one of the most realistic sex toys for men on the market.

Silicone Japanese Sex Dolls

At Kanjo Toys you can order the most beautiful sex dolls in the world direct from Japan.  Incredibly realistic silicone sex dolls that are unmatched in beauty and charm.  These are more than just sex dolls – these are life-long companions!  Most of the dolls are customisable, even to the color of the eyes and style of hair.


Japanese Ecstasy Plush Doll

ecstasy-plushJapanese Plush Doll ($532)

Direct from Japan, this amazing premium Japanese plush doll replicates the ideal dimensions of the perfect woman.

Soft and cuddly to touch, the plush material is also pliable as well as extremely durable.

Onahole can be inserted into vagina.

This is an amazing adult doll that will provide you with years of hard lovemaking!

Katy Pervy Blow Up Doll

katy pervyKaty Pervy Blow Up Doll ($25)

Make this little candy sucker your own – 100% pure slut modelled on a famous celebrity…can you guess which one?  If you’re a fan of sexy pop tartlets who kissed a girl and liked it, then you’ll love owning this celebrity love doll with 3 sweet holes you can fuck time and time again.

You could probably invite your friends round and gang bang this whore roughly, and she’ll still willingly take all your cum and more!

Wrap Around Lover Adult Doll

wrap aroundWrap Around Lover Adult Doll ($21)

A highly unusual adult love doll with its limbs positioned in a lover’s embrace.

Blow this doll up and let it straddle you as you both embrace.

For such a cheap inflatable doll, the face is very prettily painted and quite realistic.

Finally Miley Sex Doll

Finally Mylie DollFinally Mylie Doll ($24)

You’ve had to wait for so long but now Miley is finally legal.  Not only do you no longer have to feel bad about jerking off thinking of her, you can fuck her very own adult love doll.  Finally Mylie is young, dumb, but old enough for cum.  This teen princess is all grown up and has three lonely love holes aching to be filled by your cock.

Already one of the best selling adult dolls in history.